Left Turns Into Beaver Dam Post Office Prohibited, Causing Confusion

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Department is advising motorists traveling south on North Spring Street that they can no longer turn left into the post office parking lot. The stretch of road was recently reconstructed, and the roadway was widened adding bike lanes and a center turn lane in addition to new sidewalks and new curb and gutter.

During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Sergeant Erik Smedema told us that for decades drivers had been able to turn left into the post office parking lot and the sudden change has caused some confusion. There is now a “No Left Turn” sign in place.

Motorists are also prohibited from using the library parking lot as a shortcut because parking lots are not thoroughfares. That combined with a newly designated one-way street in front of the middle school means that drivers initially heading south will need to travel several blocks to be able to turnaround north and make a right turn into the post office.

The new configuration of North Spring Street is also affecting parent’s ability to drop-off students at the Middle School. Because of the bike lane on the west side of North Spring, cars cannot pull over to the curb and put their car in park to let their kids out. Instead parents are encouraged to use the front and back of the school as drop off points.

Smedema says additional enforcement efforts are being undertaken to ensure motorists comply with the changes. Police officers are monitoring the area and will first issue warnings but if the problem continues they could write citations.

A citation for improper left turn results in a $60-dollar fine and three demerit points against your license. A second offense within one year is a $98-dollar ticket and three additional demerit points.


Listen to the Beaver Dam Police on Community Comment (note North Spring Street discussion is at the end of the program):