Law Enforcement Groups Criticize Governor’s Kenosha Statements

(Green Lake) Law enforcement leaders across Wisconsin are asking Governor Tony Evers to stop making statements about the Kenosha shooting until all facts are known. The statement signed by the Chiefs of Police Association, Sheriff’s and Deputy Sheriff’s Association, Police Executive Group and the Badger State Sheriff’s Association – currently led by Green Lake County Sheriff Mark Podoll – is addressed to Evers as well as Lieutenant Governor Mandella Barnes. It says that previous remarks made by both are premature, judgmental, inflammatory and only adds to the anger and divisiveness of an already dangerous situation. The groups say that a continued pattern of statements and press releases based on opinion and unsubstantiated claims puts people’s lives at risk. They add that the protests have not been peaceful, pointing to two deaths that occurred Tuesday night as well as many injuries. The statement asks that Evers and Barnes call for an end to the riots and a stop to the violence.