Karmazin Humbled By ‘ThankYou 72’ Recognition

12/8/17 – The founder and CEO of Good Karma Brands, parent company of WBEV/WXRO, was recently recognized as part of the University of Wisconsin’s statewide campaign called ThankYou 72. The effort is meant to honor individuals who have had a profound impact in all 72 Wisconsin counties. Craig Karmazin, who never took a single class at the campus, first thought the school was mistaken. The school responded by reminding him of a story he has told about the reason he is in Wisconsin creating job opportunities and economic growth. Karmazin recounted for us on WBEV’s Community Comment that it all started when he first visited the UW-Madison campus.

With his selection to the list, a billboard featuring Karmazin was placed on South Center Street in Beaver Dam. Karmazin was humbled to be grouped with so many successful people. He says it is a “really cool honor” and is thankful to the University of Wisconsin. GKB recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and over the years the company has diversified to include multiple ESPN affiliates, several Verizon retail stores and even an interior design company called The Home Market. Karmazin says the roots of Good Karma Brands are planted “right here in Beaver Dam” where he purchased the radio stations 20 years ago.