Jury Trial Delayed As Suspect In Beaver Dam Murder Changes Plea

(Beaver Dam) The jury trial of a Beaver Dam man accused of murdering his ex-wife has been delayed as the suspect has changed his plea to not guilty by reason of mental defect. Ulisses Medina Espinosa pled not guilty at arraignment in May to one felony count of First Degree Intentional Homicide in the death of Stacia Hollinshead. The Illinois woman was shot to death last March inside a home on East Third Street in Beaver Dam. Medina Espinosa and Hollinshead divorced two years ago and the 32-year-old defendant lost custody of their child. The victim made plans to bring the girl to see her grandparents in Beaver Dam the weekend she was killed. According to the criminal complaint, the five-year-old told investigators that she was in the kitchen with her grandmother, heard the front door open, saw her dad and they met in the living room where he gave her a bunch of presents. Medina Espinosa then went into the kitchen and allegedly shot Hollinshead 15 times. The homicide charge carries a life prison sentence, if convicted. Judge Steven Bauer granted the defenses request for a continuance and the February jury trial is now slated to begin on June 1.