Juneau Man Sentenced To Prison On Eighth OWI Charge

(Beaver Dam) A Juneau man was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison for his Eighth Operating While Intoxicated offense. A jury found Wesley Gayan guilty on the felony charge. He was also placed on extended supervision for five years.

Gayan was pulled over by authorities in December of 2019 on Highway 33 in the town of Oak Grove for a busted headlamp. Dispatch informed the deputy that Gayan and his passenger had prior run-ins with law enforcement for drug possession.

While deputies were speaking with Gayan, they believed he was impaired from recent drug use due to his (quote) “distinct cotton mouth.” Gayan said it was caused by the sugar from his grape soda.

The 54-year-old struggled through field sobriety tests and was arrested. A preliminary breath test did return a reading of zero-point-zero (0.0). However, a drug recognition expert evaluated Gayan and determined that he was under the influence of stimulants and narcotic analgesics.

Gayan has seven prior OWI convictions with the earliest in 1990 and the most recent in 2006.