Judge Imposes Deadline For Fox Lake Murder Suspect to Secure Attorney

(Juneau) A Fox Lake murder suspect was given a one-week deadline to find a lawyer. Two weeks ago, the court granted Laverne Ware Jr. additional time to search out new representation. A second hearing was held Thursday to determine Ware’s progress. While unable to secure new counsel, Ware told the court that he has contacted ten different attorneys since the last hearing and has three appointments scheduled for today.

Ware raised concerns over a court order that he said limited the amount he could spend on legal fees to $150-thousand dollars. Citing that several attorneys would not take his case due to the confusing nature of that order. Judge Brian Pfitzinger said that there are no restrictions on what Ware could spend to retain an attorney, adding that there is approximately $46-thousand dollars registered with the Dodge County Clerk of Courts to use how Ware deems fit. Ware questioned Pfitzinger’s response and said that he wanted further clarification on the order that he believes states would put him in violation if he exceeds the set dollar amount. Pfitzinger reiterated that Ware can spend whatever he likes on attorney fees and said that this was Ware’s (quote) “mode of operation” in an attempt to “make everything complicated to gain an advantage.” Pfitzinger added that Ware was (quote) “feigning stupidity.”

The court scheduled a May 14 hearing, at which Pfitzinger said one of three courses of actions will be taken. The first would be Ware shows up represented by an attorney, the second has the court appoint council or lastly the court would consider that Ware has waived his right to an attorney. Ware is accused of murdering his girlfriend and first cousin, Sesalie Dixon, in December of 2016. The 27-year-old was found in the cab of Ware’s pick-up truck inside a Fox Lake garage with a gunshot wound to the head.