Judge Dismisses Lake District Lawsuit Against Dodge County Board

(Juneau) A civil lawsuit filed to stop the formation of a lake district around Beaver Dam Lake has been dismissed. In March, the Dodge County Board approved the establishment of the taxing entity that will raise revenue from waterfront property owners to address issues ranging from shoreline erosion to water quality.

The process was triggered when the Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association submitted a petition to the county to form the district. For the county board to approve the petition to form the district, the signatures of 51-percent of lake front property owners was needed.

David and Kathleen Munro filed the lawsuit against the Dodge County Board contending that the numbers did not add up. Among other things, the plaintiffs questioned the number of parcels that had signed on. They argued that there are 1104 parcels in the proposed district, and more than half were not represented on the petition.

In August, the Munro’s submitted a request for a summary judgement, asking the court to decide the case without going to trial. Judge Martin DeVries dismissed the lawsuit Tuesday, ruling in favor of Dodge County and the numbers approved by the county board.