Immigrant Advocacy Group Reaching Out Following ICE Arrests

(Madison) An immigrant advocacy group is reaching out to the Latino community to provide support after a wave of raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Voces de la Frontera says dozens of people were detained by agents over the weekend. Congressman Mark Pocan says his office was getting stonewalled by ICE after they requested information on who was detained.

“As a federal representative, we’re going to do everything we can to reign in that agency and sitting on appropriations,” Pocan says, “I’m really going to make sure to do our best to look at what they’re doing and make them answer us. When I’m in Washington this week, we’re going to demand that they come to us, or we will go to them.”

In some cases, ICE agents identified themselves as police. Madison and Dane County officials say that undermines the efforts that they’ve done to foster goodwill among immigrant communities.

Giselle Vera says ICE agents misrepresented themselves as police when they came to her uncle’s door.

“Once my uncle walks up to the door, they say ‘Well, we’re ICE police and you have to come with us, because you haven’t been behaving well, so you don’t have the right to be here anymore’.”

Vera says her uncle was taken because of traffic violations, not because he was a hardened criminal.

Immigration advocates say dozens of people were arrested over the weekend across Wisconsin. (Wisconsin Radio Network)


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