Hustisford School Superintendent Says Police Escort For Refs Was Sensationalized

(Hustisford) The Hustisford School District Superintendent says a weekend situation involving referees asking police to escort them from town was blown out of proportion. Heather Cramer says the Falcons Saturday night game against Catholic Central packed the gym and was standing room only. During the contest, four fans were ejected but Cramer says they left willingly and without incident. She says a police officer is on duty at all times during Hustisford games and, due to the amount of people attending Saturday’s game, the officer asked a patrol unit to help with traffic. The referees were escorted to the locker rooms following the 46-43 Hustisford win and they did request an escort out of town. Cramer says there were no altercations and no direct threats were made to the referees. The situation garnered public attention following several posts to social media which Cramer says created something out of nothing. She says the refs did a fine job that evening in what was a very close game, adding that tournament games can get heated and calls can go for or against your team. Cramer encourages fans to take these games for what they are worth and to not sensationalize this issue. She says at this time the WIAA has not reached out to the school to discuss this matter further.


Cramer told WBEV/WXRO that refs are human and that people are not knocking down doors to sign up to be a referee. Local refs Tim Haldiman and Bruce Kaufmann recently joined 95.3 WXRO’s The High School OT to discuss the issue of a declining referee base. Listen to that interview here: