Hunter Shoots Bullet Into Fond du Lac County Home

(Springvale) A hunter shot a bullet into a house in Fond du Lac County Friday morning. The Sheriff’s Office and Wisconsin DNR responded to Pommering Road in the Town of Springvale around 8:20am after receiving a call from the homeowner.

The caller indicated that a group was hunting on the state-owned public land when a gunshot was heard, then a noise of something hitting the house, followed by some drywall debris coming from the wall where the noise was, and then into the room the caller was in. Upon closer inspection, it was apparent that a bullet had struck the exterior of the house, traveled through the siding, into the wall, and came out the drywall into the residence.

Authorities located a group of deer hunters on the state-owned public land, open to hunting, bordering the property of the caller. The group was actively hunting, and one of the hunters stated that he had discharged his firearm at a deer in the direction of the residence on the bordering property. He apparently missed the deer, but did not think, due to the distance and angle, that he would be in danger of striking the house. No one was injured and the incident remains under investigation by the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office and Wisconsin DNR.