Horicon School Board Reviews Preliminary Budget

7/20/17 – Early budgetary numbers were reviewed at this week’s Horicon School Board meeting. The $10.5-million dollars budget has an estimated tax levy near $4-million. District Administrator Rich Apple says the proposed mill rate of $10 dollars-even would see little to no change from the previous year. With no state budget in place, Apple says that his staff is building a “very conservative” document that could change from day-to-day. Currently, the district would be $30-thousand dollars in the red when comparing last year and early budgetary projections for the coming school year. However, Apple says if the proposed $200-per pupil increase in state aid is included in the final state budget that would eliminate the deficit. He says it would go a long way towards putting together a budget that would address their needs and target unforeseen circumstances such as facility repairs. The preliminary budget will be voted on at the next school board meeting in August with final adoption expected in October.