Horicon Police Officer Recognized For Life-Saving Actions

10/27/17 – A Horicon Police Officer was recognized this week for his life-saving actions. Officer Jeremy Johnson was singled out for his assistance in a traumatic call in April. Police Chief Joe Adamson says Johnson responded in the middle of the night to a report of a city resident who put his hands through a plate glass window and had the window then collapsed onto his arms. Adamson says if it was not for the immediate actions of Officer Johnson, and a Dodge County Sheriff’s deputy, applying tourniquets the victim “would not be alive today.” Beaver Dam Community Hospital Emergency Services Dr. Gerard Dynkowski says there is anywhere between two and six hours to get a patient into surgery to repair the vessels and reestablish circulation. Dynkowski called it a heroic act because if no one had been there to help stop the bleeding the outcome “would have been much different.” Mayor Steve Neitzel presented Johnson with a Life Saving Certificate while Chief Adamson pinned a Life Saving Medal to the officer’s uniform.