Historical Citizens of Fox Lake

(Fox Lake) The Fox Lake Historical Society has rescheduled a program on “Historical Citizens of Fox Lake.”  The program originally scheduled for March was postponed due to an ice storm.  During the program six historical citizens will be telling their stories and sharing pictures obtained through the collection in the Harriett O’Connell Historical Room, Newspapers.com and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

An enjoyable evening will be had by all as C. C. Hurd recalls his life and how he enlisted into the 1st Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Calvary.  Carrie Parkinson will share her life with LeRoy Parkinson who ran a photography business in Fox Lake for over 30 years.  Norman Powers will be among the ghosts and he will share how he has a monument in two different cemeteries, one at Vicksburg and one in Fox Lake.  Jennie Williams will tell her story of being a member of the community and married to J. C. who had a great sense of humor.  Hazel Elmerson, one of the ghosts, did not let any grass grown under her feet.  You will soon learn that she was a “mover and a shaker” in Fox Lake.  Col. William Blake will end the show sharing a story that will amaze everyone in attendance.

Open to the public, this free event is happening on Saturday April 20th at the Community Congregational Church Museum in Fox Lake starting at 6:30pm.  Refreshments will be served after the event


Pictured is Jennie McDowell-Williams is shown in her graduation dress when she graduated from Wayland Academy in 1895.  Jennie was married to J. C. Williams.