Heroes’ Hunt For Veterans Gives Vets Quality Hunting Experience

(Beaver Dam) WBEV held a special broadcast live from Camp Nickolas Friday in Waupun in observance of Veterans Day. Camp Nickolas is home base for the Heroes’ Hunt for Veterans, a non-profit organization designed to give vets the opportunity to experience a quality guided, deer, turkey or waterfowl hunt.

For a total of over 18 weeks, veterans from all over the country come to south central Wisconsin to participate in bow season, deer gun, muzzleloader and some late season bow hunting. Brian Ball is founder of the Heroes’ Hunt for Veterans.

“We started this back in 2014 with the idea of just taking vets out and get them on a hunt,” says Ball. “Teach them something maybe new…give something back to them.”

Vietnam Veteran Yentz Kjaer is making his first trip out with the Heroes’ Hunt this weekend. He says everyone involved with the organization made him feel welcomed, something he did not experience after arriving back home from his time in the service.

“Everybody was against that war, most people were…awful a lot of people I should say…we never really got much of a welcome home,” says Care. “Being invited to [the Heroes’ Hunt] and being so warmly welcomed…means a lot, I’m very grateful.”

Adam Schultz served in the Air Force from 2001 to 2007 and did a tour in Iraq in 2005. He is a volunteer who accompanies the veterans as they go out to hunt.

“Give a vet a good experience during their hunt this weekend…if they want to talk to me cool, if they want me to sit there and shut up I’ll do that to,” says Schultz. “It gets me around other vets which helps clear my head sometimes.”