Green Lake Lawmaker To Have Bigger Role In Next State Budget

(Green Lake) State Representative Alex Dallman will have a bigger role on the next State Budget as a member of Joint Finance Committee. He was not on the JFC during the last state budget, but is glad to have more of a say on this one.

Dallman says the budget proposed by the governor last month would quickly use up the $7-billion-dollar surplus the state has and saddle it with debt. He says the Governor has proposed a 10-percent tax cut for the middle class but would tax businesses and others at a higher rate. It would also do away with tax credits for agriculture and manufacturing.

The state lawmaker from Green Lake says in sheer volume the JFC’s proposed budget is 400 pages long while the governor’s is 1,800 pages long. Dallman notes Republicans and Democrats have some of the same goals when it comes to shared revenue and education but they must be careful not to create new programs that are unsustainable.

State Representative Mark Born of Beaver Dam is co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee.