Glewen Seeks To Wrap Up Borrowing Plan Before Budget Adoption

(Beaver Dam) The mayor of Beaver Dam says city officials will have a better idea of capital borrowing needs before this year’s budget is finalized, which is a departure from previous years. The 2018 budget, for example, was adopted last November but the money borrowed for streets, equipment and downtown revitalization was not approved until this March. There was also a contentious debate over how much to borrow this year with the city exceeding its self-imposed debt cap of $1.6-million dollars by over a million dollars. The extra money was for streets and downtown revitalization. However, because the funding was not in place until the spring, the city was unable to secure adequate bids for many of the projects that had been targeted for this summer.  Mayor Becky Glewen told us on WBEV’s Community Comment that it will be next year before the public will see the impact of the revitalization plan in terms of trees, planters and landscaping; benches are expected to be installed this year yet. Glewen says both the borrowing plan and the capital improvement projects list – the CIP – should be realized prior to budget adoption this November. She says the CIP process will likely get underway in September, and be completed by October, so that road plans can be developed by city engineers to go out for bid in January and February.


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Beaver Dam Mayor Becky Glewen on WBEV’s Community Comment 7-29-18