Glewen Discusses Recall On WBEV

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam Mayor Becky Glewen is refuting statements made this week by a former alderperson who has mounted a recall campaign against the mayor. On WBEV’s Community Comment Friday, Glewen responded to what she called untruths by Mary Flaherty who she says had a disregard for research in her comments. Flaherty appeared Tuesday on WBEV’s Community Comment. Glewen says it’s not enough to complain. Glewen pointed to the investments from the downtown business community complementing public dollars, pointing to a new park in the Tower Parking lot paid for by American Bank. She noted that there are 38 downtown businesses and says that number is growing faster than ever with a new wine bar the latest to open on Thursday. She also refuted Flaherty’s assertion that the city should play no part in blight elimination and noted that blight creates blight while growth begets growth and it is that growth that Glewen says will benefit all city taxpayers at all income levels. You can listen to our conversations with both Mayor Glewen and Mary Flaherty in their entirety on