Former Waupun Correctional Institution Employee Sentenced For Supplying Drugs To Inmates

(Waupun) A former Waupun Correctional Institution food service employee was sentenced Wednesday to 90 days behind bars with work release privileges for supplying inmates with drugs. Crystal Sosinski of Oshkosh entered a no contest plea at her sentencing hearing to one felony charge of Delivering Illegal Articles to Inmates. A second felony charge of Possession with Intent to Deliver THC was dismissed but read into the record. In October of 2016, the 34-year-old threw a glove containing a bag of marijuana into a cafeteria garbage can.  Soon after, an inmate started digging through the trash can.  Multiple inmates were locked up around that time after testing positive for marijuana.  Officers took a DNA sample from Sosinski, which a crime lab said was consistent with that found on the glove. Sosinski was also placed on probation for one year.