Fond du Lac County Extends Sales Tax Indefinitely, Will Share With Municipalities

(Fond du Lac) The Fond du Lac County Board Tuesday night unanimously approved a resolution to repeal the sunset clause for the county’s half percent sales tax. The sales tax would have sunset at the conclusion of 2021 if the board had not repealed the clause. Three members of the public spoke in favor of repealing the sunset date including Ripon City Alderman Doug Iverson, former County Board Supervisor Tom Dornbrook and Fond du Lac City Councilwoman Donna Richards. By a 22-to-1 vote, the board also approved a resolution that will allow the county to begin sharing some of that sales tax revenue with municipalities across the county for property tax relief. That revenue sharing will not begin until 2022. How much will be shared has to be determined and will be up to the board that is elected in April of next year. County Board Chairman Marty Farrell told the board that when it comes to budgets they cannot bind a future board to a budget decision.