Flaherty Discusses Recall Effort On WBEV

(Beaver Dam) A former Beaver Dam alderwoman collecting signatures to recall Mayor Becky Glewen says there needs to be more accountability. Mary Flaherty filed the Intent To Circulate a Recall Petition with the city clerk’s office last month saying the mayor is “fiscal irresponsibility and overtaxing.” Flaherty says the petitions wording tried to reflect the frustrations she has heard from the community and cited concerns from constituents that taxes have increased too much. Flaherty says the issues also stem from the recent approval by the Beaver Dam Common Council to borrow $2.8-million dollars for road repairs, infrastructure improvements and downtown revitalization.

During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Flaherty told us why she was at first against the plan before ultimately approving it. She says she approved the borrowing specifically to fix city streets and to not address downtown revitalization. Flaherty says the petition is to open a dialogue and give a voice to those who feel their opinions have fallen on deaf ears.

So far, Flaherty says she has several hundred signatures but noted that others are also circulating the recall petition on her behalf. Flaherty has until October 15 to collect around 1500 signatures; Glewen would then have ten days to challenge the sufficiency of the petition. The potential candidate or candidates in a recall election would have to circulate nomination papers to appear on the ballot alongside the office holder. A recall election would be held on the Tuesday of the sixth week after the petition process is formally approved.


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