Fall River School District Hammers Out Referendum In Monday Meeting

(Fall River) Officials with the Fall River school district met in committee Monday night to hammer out of the details of a referendum question that is expected to appear the April ballot. The spring referendum would provide an estimated $7.8-million dollars to cover a variety of improvements to the district. There are four main areas that are being targeted which include technology, safety and security, facility maintenance, and revamping their athletic complex. District Administrator Michael Garrow says, among other things, their needs include updating staff computers, addressing their outdated phone system, adding more security cameras, roof repairs, a new AC unit, and fixing inadequate turf conditions on the football field. Garrow says the referendum is about providing the best academic facility for their students. The proposed life of the referendum would be 20 years. Garrow says early projections see the mill rate increase 81-cents per one-thousand dollars of assessed value though he notes that number is based off of an $8-million-dollar referendum amount. He says if the referendum is approved, the impact on the mill rate would be minimal. Garrow says the mill rate is at a healthy place and would be the third to fourth lowest of the Trailways schools in their district. The school board will meet Wednesday at 6pm to review the final wording and consider approval of the referendum question. Garrow says if any changes are made by the board, the question would be finalized in the next day or two. For more information about the referendum, residents are encouraged to reach out to Garrow.  For more information about the referendum, residents are encouraged to reach out to Michael Garrow at [email protected] or by phone at 920-484-3333 extension 227.