Fall River School Board Approves $7.8-Million Referendum

(Fall River) The Fall River school board this week formally approved plans to hold a referendum this spring. The question would ask district voters for $7.8-million dollars for upgrades to technology and security while addressing maintenance needs and revamping their athletic complex. District Administrator Michael Garrow tells us that, if approved, the referendum would fund a comprehensive approach to their facility needs. That includes roof repairs, heating and cooling upgrades, updating staff computers, addressing an outdated phone system and adding more security cameras. A large portion of the money would be for athletic facilities. In recent years, residents in the district voted down two referenda focused on athletics.

Garrow says, unlike previous referendums that addressed the bare minimum, this referendum would allow for tournament-ready facilities designed to host events. In addition to enhancements to the football field, there would be an eight-lane track, multiple soccer fields, three softball diamonds and a baseball diamond. Early projections would see the mill rate increase 81-cents per one-thousand dollars of assessed value though Garrow says it would continue to be among the lowest of the Trailways schools.

The referendum reads “Be it resolved by the School Board of the School District of Fall River, Columbia and Dodge Counties, Wisconsin that there shall be issued pursuant to Chapter 67 of the Wisconsin Statutes, general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $7,800,000 for the public purpose of paying the cost of a district-wide school improvement program consisting of:  capital maintenance and building infrastructure improvements; learning space updates; communication and technology system upgrades; safety and security improvements; athletic facility, field and site improvements; and acquisition of furnishings fixtures and equipment.”