Effort To Replace Dodge County Board Chair Fails

(Juneau) An effort to replace the Dodge County Board chairman failed. During their monthly meeting this week, supervisors discussed the motion brought forth by Supervisor Dan Siegmann to hold another election for board chair. The seat is typically filled during the board’s first meeting following their two-year election cycle in April. Siegmann says this move was not motivated by a personal vendetta against current Board Chairman Dave Frohling.

“We are doing things in Dodge County that aren’t right…we need a board chairman who is going to stop that type of thing,” says Siegmann. “There was rumors about a walking quorum…what did the chairman at that committee do? Made excuses for it and all those sitting in the room with authority did nothing about it. This is what’s happening in Dodge County. Let’s be big enough to overlook personality conflicts…understand that we have to have someone that represents us here as a chairman that we would act exactly the same way. And I don’t believe that’s true.”

Supervisor Steve Kauffeld supported Siegmann’s motion and says what is taking place in Dodge County is a reflection of what has transpired at a federal level as well as across the country: a disconnect between elected officials.

“Our oath of office to support and protect our constitution has lost stature,” says Kauffeld. “This foundation of our laws and liberties, these time tested valuable principles had been marginalized in favor of pragmatism, favoritism, and compartmentalization. This…bleeds over into our institutionalized bureaucracies creating an element of unaccountability and entitlement. Entrenched elected officials of such mindset have the ability to circumvent the system through committee assignments to likeminded board members.”

Supervisor Andrew Johnson says the county board should be focusing on the needs of its constituents.

“Our citizens do not want this…I haven’t talked to anyone in this county outside this room that within the few people that want this,” says Johnson. “Instead, most taxpayers need to know that their county government is making decisions that focuses on the issues that effects all citizens of the county. Please join me in firmly rejecting this political maneuver and send a clear message to all that this county board means business in addressing the peoples priorities.”

Supervisor Jeff Caine had nothing but praise for the chairman.

“And I will tell you there’s no one that’s more passionate that’s put more heart and soul and thought and caring and making the best decisions for Dodge County than Supervisor Frohling,” says Caine. “I think its just a disservice to the county that we’re even having this debate this evening and I would ask all of my fellow supervisors to defeat this motion. And those of you that have never made a mistake, be the first one to vote yes.”

The motion ultimately failed with 26 no votes to six yesses.