Early Work Being Done On Future BDHS Softball Field Site

As work wraps up on the new tennis courts on the Beaver Dam High School campus you may also notice some preliminary work being done on the future site of a new varsity softball diamond.

Currently the varsity softball diamond is tucked behind the centerfield wall of the baseball field, which leaves it on an island away from the brand-new bathrooms and concession stand that were built a few years back.

“When they were doing the ground-work for tennis, we thought, well if we can get the groundwork in for the softball field for the future, that saves money for the future.  And that saved us  when everybody was mobilized moving the ground for tennis”  Beaver Dam High School Athletic Director Melissa Gehring told DailyDodge.com. “There’s a lot of forward thinking and you have to keep your eyes on the prize.”

As you drive by the green space near McKinley Street, you can see the outline of the new varsity field around where the football practice field and old tennis courts used to be.

There is currently just one softball diamond on the BDHS campus as the JV team plays games at Vo-Tech Park, which is owned by MPTC. There is no guarantee that field will always be available in the future so the district is looking to make sure that they have facilities in place that they need.

If things fall into place, an official ground-breaking for the softball project could be held next spring with it being ready for play in the spring of 2023.

Click the link to hear a full interview with BDHS Athletic Director Melissa Gehring.


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