Drug Enforcement A Main Topic During Sheriff’s Race

(Juneau) The topic of drugs has been a main talking point for the candidates running for Dodge County sheriff. Challenger Mark Colker says the drug problem is one of the main reasons why he wants to be elected sheriff. According to statistics Colker referenced, the county is ranked third in the state in overdose deaths per 100-thousand people. He says that is (quote) “way out of hand” and is an issue only heightened by how rural Dodge County is.

Colker says there needs to be a more pointed effort to target dealers who are brining drugs into local communities which are poisoning loved ones. He points to statistics from the Uniformed Crime Reporting which the FBI releases, and the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office reports to, that shows last year that the agency only had four arrests of dealers who had opioid drugs on them.

Incumbent Sheriff Dale Schmidt says his opponents claim that Dodge County is ranked third in the state in overdose deaths is wrong. He says in 2021 the county had 27 overdose deaths which is behind a number of other counties including Waukesha, Dane, Milwaukee, Outagamie, and Brown.

Schmidt touted the work done by the county’s drug task force and quoted Mayville Police Chief Ryan Toellner, who is chair of the Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Enforcement Board of Directors. Toellner writes, “In all of the years the drug task force has been in operation, we have never seen the collaboration and teamwork which our agencies currently have with each other. Our agencies are successfully investigating not only drug delivery to take illicit drugs off the street, but they are also investigating drug overdoses to hold accountable those who provide illicit drugs to overdose victims.”

The primary election is next Tuesday and barring a write in vote, will determine who the next sheriff will be.