Downtown Revitalization Grants Approved By Redevelopment Committee

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam’s Downtown Redevelopment Committee recently approved three revitalization grants. Loyal Exterior at 300 North Center was awarded $20-thousand dollars for $40,600 in improvements. Palanque Mexican Restaurant is undergoing $60-thousand dollars in outside upgrades and will receive the maximum $20-thousand in grant funding. Absolute Home Real Estate at 213 Front Street received a grant for $358 to go along with $717 in enhancements. There were three businesses on the agenda that were discussed but their funding request was tabled. Bonded Collectors at 228 South Spring Street is requesting $2950 for $5900 in exterior upgrades; the matter was tabled until a contractor is secured. Also tabled, window replacements at Stooges Bar totaling $3970 with a grant request of $1574. An exterior revitalization grant and a new business grant were also tabled Didi’s Keto Grab ‘N Go at the Rogers 103 Maple Avenue. The city had $620-thousand dollars is available funds for the grants which comes from a downtown blight-elimination Tax Increment Finance District. About half, $311-thousand dollars has been committed with $168-thousand dollars paid out as of June.