DOT Lessens Frozen Road Law Coverage, Dodge County Included

(Dodge County) State transportation officials are lessening frozen road law coverage for parts of southern Wisconsin, including Dodge County. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is ending the Frozen Road Declaration for southern Wisconsin Zone 4.

The Zone encompasses all parts of Dodge County that are to the southeast of Highway 151. The Frozen Road Declaration remains in effect for all of Dodge County northwest of 151 including Beaver Dam, Fox Lake, Randolph, and Waupun.

A Frozen Road Declaration is typically in effect from mid-December to late February or early March. It means eligibility for increased weight limitations is restricted to vehicles hauling abrasives or salt for highway ​winter maintenance.

Transportation officials and highway personnel monitor temperature forecasts, along with frost tubes – which are liquid filled devices under pavement – to help determine what roads are adequately frozen to accommodate heavier loads or thawed to lift declarations.

They add that local governments can also decide to place or lift weight restrictions on county highways or village streets.

Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website