Dodge County Vehicle Sales Through November Dip

(Dodge County) Vehicle sales in Dodge County for the first eleven months of the year were down when compared to 2021.

According to the Waterloo-based industry tracking firm Reg-Track, there were 2,359 trucks sold in Dodge County from January through November, a decrease of 19-percent. At the same time, there were 243 cars sold, a drop of nearly 30-percent. Overall, sales were down 20-percent to just over 26-hundred vehicles.

In Columbia County, there were 19-hundred vehicle sales through last month for a decrease of 18-percent. Truck sales were down 17-percent while car sales dropped 23-percent.

Jefferson County saw over 19-hundred car and light trucks roll off dealer lots, an overall drop of 21-percent from last year. Car sales declined 27-pecent in sales while trucks fell 20-percent.

For the nine-county, south-central Wisconsin region as a whole, there were 33-thousand vehicle sales over the eleven month period, a drop of 16-percent. Car sales were down 22-percent while truck sales dropped 15-percent.