Dodge County Treasurer Is Retiring

(Juneau) A key department head in Dodge County is retiring. Treasurer Patti Hilker is leaving the post following her last day on April 3rd. Hilker says she has had a wonderful career, working with people that have become her friends.

She adds that she takes great pride in what she and her team have accomplished over the last 20 years. Hilker also thanked all the constituents, the people of Dodge County, for trusting and electing her to do a job she loved.

The Dodge County treasurer is a State Constitutional officer whose directive is taken from various sections of Dodge County codes and ordinances as well as state statutes. It is an elected partisan office that holds a four-year term.

Other treasurer responsibilities include recording and depositing all funds from taxpayers, county departments, and governmental agencies as well as collecting all postponed delinquent taxes after January 31st. A treasurer will also prepare documentation on foreclosure of tax delinquent properties, make county investments, and prepare tax bills and rolls for local treasurers. 

Photo courtesy of the Dodge County website