Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Says Lights On

(Dodge County) With snow on the ground indicating the entire state is now fully entrenched in the winter season.  With the colder temperatures comes short days and long dark nights, and the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office wants to ensure motorists everywhere are driving as safely as possible with maximum visibility.  Drivers are advised to take some time to ensure all external lights and lamps are working on their vehicle.  This means headlamps, tail lamps, and blinkers are in working condition.  Officers remind that these lights are not only so you can see as you drive, but also allows other motorists to see you, but only have that effect if they are actually used.  According to state law, no person may operate a vehicle upon a highway during the hours of darkness or during a period of limited visibility unless all headlamps, tail lamps, and clearance lamps with which the vehicle is required to be equipped are lighted.  Additionally, The operator of the vehicle should keep all lamps, including reflectors, equipped and reasonably clean and in proper working condition at all times.  It is also required to turn them on in times of reduced visibility, officials say, when in doubt, turn your lights on.