Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Participating In Operation Dry Water

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies throughout the region will be participating in Operation Dry Water this weekend. The three-day enforcement campaign provides heightened enforcement and awareness about the dangers of drinking and boating. Recreation Patrol Deputy Cameron Vorhies says boating under the influence applies to drugs, as well as alcohol and that operating while intoxicated is dangerous for the driver, passengers, and especially other boaters. Vorhies says penalties for boating under the influence include fines, jail, alcohol/drug assessment and completion of a boating safety course. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office has responded to one fatal boat incident in the county this year. The state has already had 13 fatalities reported so far. Vorhies says they want to make sure all boaters are operating safely and are sober this weekend. He says they also want to remind boaters to wear approved life jackets when on or around the water if you are not a strong swimmer.