Dodge County Sheriff Shines Spotlight On Importance Of Vehicle Headlamps

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff’s law of the month shines a spotlight on the importance of headlamps. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says with winter in full effect, days in Wisconsin are getting darker earlier. He says it is important to make sure all lights are in working order on your vehicle. This means headlamps, tail lamps and blinkers. If the lights do not work, Schmidt points out that other vehicles will not be able to see your car. He says checking that all lights are in working order will assure Dodge County roadways are safer. Another important reminder is to make sure that the lights are turned on. The sheriff says if the vehicle’s lights are not on, it can affect whether others can see you. The law states that any vehicle operated during the hours of darkness is required to be lighted. This means all headlamps and tail lamps are to be on when driving the road. Schmidt says the operator of the vehicle should keep all lamps including reflectors equipped and reasonably clean as well as in proper working condition.