Dodge County Sheriff Says Tips To Law Enforcement Can Remain Anonymous

(Dodge County) Law enforcement often relies on citizen observers while in the duty of serving and protecting the community. Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says they receive communications via 911 calls, non-emergency calls, personal contact, email, the sheriff’s office website, and most recently their app. Regardless of how the tip is received, Schmidt says you can always remain anonymous. The Sheriff says they prefer you leave your name, phone number, and contact info, but tell the deputy, officer, or dispatcher that you want to remain anonymous. He says, they are then required by law to protect your identity but can reach out to you to follow up if needed. The only way your information would ever be released would be by a court order, which Schmidt notes could still limit what exact information is released, or your consent at a later time. Schmidt adds they will always honor an individuals wishes for confidentiality, but with a little information, they can provide even better service.