Dodge County Sheriff Details Critical Response Roles During Traffic Incidents

(Dodge County) With the recent uptick in traffic incidents, and their resulting road closures, Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt is taking the time to remind the public about the critical role officials play when responding on scene. He says their number one priority is to protect the scene, and adds 0fficers will position their squad cars, ensure traffic is re-routed, and that no one injured at the scene can get injured any worse. 

Schmidt says the next step is to secure the scene, ensuring that everyone who is in need of aid gets it, while they wait for EMS and Fire to arrive. The sheriff adds that if there is an injury involved or an individual needs to be extracted from a vehicle, it can add even more time. He says this can range anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours. 

Schmidt says responders on scene also have to contend with environmental factors, such as snow in the winter months, or high temps in the summer.  Once the injured are cleared from the scene, Schmidt says the jobs not done yet. 

He says you can’t just call a tow truck and be done.  The scene now becomes like a crime scene, and Schmidt says that is because it very well could be, especially in cases like homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle, reckless or negligent use of a vehicle, or an actual intentional act. 

In the end, the Sheriff says it isn’t until the investigation of the scene completes that the lengthy clean-up process can happen, and the roadway can re-open to normal traffic flow.