Dodge County Sheriff Candidates Discuss Traffic Safety Plans

(Juneau) The candidates for Dodge County sheriff discussed their plans to increase traffic safety and reduce fatalities when they were our guests recently on WBEV’s Community Comment.

Challenger Mark Colker says there needs to be a data driven approach to figure out why, where, and when these crashes are happening. He says once that data is obtained, then law enforcement can look at their approach to solving these problems. Colker says the sheriff’s office should also engage local leaders in communities were traffic safety is an issue to gain their insight.

Incumbent Sheriff Dale Schmidt credits his agency’s crash reduction strategy in educating the public about slowing down and driving safer. He says they have put up signs as well as installed speed enforcement signs in areas that have had issues with traffic safety. Schmidt highlighted Highway 151 and D, Highway A, 33, W, and B as problem areas and noted that he has asked the state patrol to step up enforcement on those roads.