Dodge County Reports Four Coronavirus Deaths

(Dodge County) Wisconsin health officials are reporting 6,202 positive coronavirus cases in Tuesday’s daily update. There are 75,893 active cases in the state, an increase of 1,553 from Monday. Active cases make up 20.9-percent of the 363-thousand people who have tested positive to date. So far, there have been 285-thousand recoveries.

The state reported 104 deaths bringing that total to 3,115. Deaths account for point-nine-percent (.09) of all cases in Wisconsin while 4.5-percent of those known to have contracted the virus needed to be hospitalized. Of the over one-million people who have died worldwide, the CDC says 257-thousand people were from the United States.

Dodge County reported four more deaths Tuesday, bringing that number to 70, along with 73 new cases for a total of 7,840 cases to date. The county had 96 negative tests returned, for a running total of 32,701. County health officials are actively monitoring 1077 people, 54 less than Monday.

The state reports Jefferson County has 33 deaths and 4,993 cases to date. The Jefferson County COVID Dashboard lists 44 deaths, which is 11 more deaths than the state’s website. Worth nothing, the county website indicates that their numbers do not include the city of Watertown, which has reported 20 deaths. Watertown is in both Dodge and Jefferson counties. The Dodge County Public Health Officer told us recently on WBEV’s Community Comment that her department’s numbers do include the Dodge County-portion of Watertown. DailyDodge is in the process of getting clarification. Jefferson County has 872 active cases.

Washington County has 65 deaths along with 205 new cases for a running total of 8,287 cases, with 2,253 being active cases.

Fond du Lac County is reporting six new deaths, for a total of 46, with 8,038 positive tests on record; 1416 are active cases, a drop of 47 from Monday.

There have been 10 deaths in Columbia County where there have been 3,204 total cases; currently the county has 991 active cases.

Green Lake County has logged five deaths and has 1,137 cases on record. Their county website does not list active cases, but 209 positive tests have been reported in the last two weeks.


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