Dodge County Public Health Officer Says Majority Of Tests Going To Front Line Workers

(Juneau) Dodge County’s public health officer says only a selecting few are being tested for COVID-19. Abby Sauer says there are currently not enough supplies available to test a mass quantity of people. A reason for the low supplies, Sauer says, is due to a high flu season. During Monday’s appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Sauer said remaining test kits are saved for those working on the front lines such as first responders, healthcare workers or those in law enforcement. She says it is difficult for those individuals to quarantine at home and if they do have the virus, health officials want to know so they do not spread it. Sauer says the number of negative cases is a good indicator to show that first responders or healthcare workers showing symptoms of the disease do not have COVID-19. Sauer says if anyone suspects they have COVID-19 they should call their doctor ahead of time and avoid arriving first without warning. She says depending on the individual’s symptoms, the doctor will likely recommend to isolate at home until their symptoms improve.