Dodge County Jail Receives State Grant To Battle Opioids

(Juneau) The Dodge County Jail was recently awarded a grant for opioid abuse. A total of 16 county jails received word that they would be getting a combined $1.3-million dollars in grant funding from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Dodge County will use the money for a medication-assisted treatment program.

Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says all the credit goes to Health and Human Services Director Becky Bell for searching this grant out and applying for it. He says the Dodge County Jail will be getting around $35,000.

Participants in the program will receive a dose of medication and a post-release treatment plan is put into place that includes counseling and follow-up injections of Vivitrol.

Schmidt says the medicine has a powerful effect and is like (quote) “Narcan on steroids”. Vivitrol lasts roughly a month and prevents individuals from getting high off of the drugs they are taking such as Vicodin or Hydrocodone.

State Representative Mark Born, who worked in the Dodge County facility, said he has seen firsthand the effects drug abuse has on inmates working towards recovery.

“With my past experience working in the Dodge County Jail, I’ve seen firsthand the effects opioid abuse has on inmates working towards the road to recovery,” the Beaver Dam Republican said in a press release. “Our ultimate goal is to help these individuals who are struggling with drug addiction become stable, productive members of society.”

Schmidt says the grant runs through the end of June with the possibility of renewing it after its completion. The $1.3-million in grant funding was part of 30 bills included in the Heroin, Opioid, Prevention and Education (HOPE) Agenda that aims to address the opioid crises in Wisconsin.