Dodge County In High Fire Danger

(Dodge County) The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources announced Tuesday that Dodge County is among the areas of the state under a high fire danger.

The DNR says the southern two-thirds of Wisconsin are experiencing increased fire danger due to a high pressure weather system, lack of significant rain, and dry vegetation.

Fond du Lac, Washington, and Jefferson counties are also in high fire danger. Columbia and Green Lake counties are in the very high level.

The DNR has responded to 107 wildfires burning more than 276 acres so far this year. Nineteen of them were reported on Monday, burning 120 acres. Most of the reported fires were related to debris burning.

DNR officials ask the public to be extra careful with any outdoor flames, campfires, ash disposal or equipment use. Also, be sure to check any recent debris burns for smoldering embers, as breezy conditions can cause fires to rekindle.

Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website