Dodge County Humane Society Helps Retrieve Cats Prior To Explosives Detonation

(Beaver Dam) Approximately 12 cats were removed from the Village Glen Apartments prior to a controlled detonation Wednesday afternoon. Residents who were displaced following a blast that killed one person Monday at 109 Knaup Drive grew concerned for the safety of their pets left behind when they were unexpectedly evacuated. Dodge County Humane Society Executive Director Kenzie Drinkwine says they were contact by authorities before the planned explosion to aid in the removal of the animals. She says they received a phone call from various law enforcement agencies including the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, Department of Justice, and the Department of Public Health who said their greatest concern was the safety of the residents and wanted a controlled extraction of their pets. Drinkwine says the Humane Society accompanied law enforcement as they checked the surrounding apartments for remaining pets and then provided kennels as they were transported to Saint Katharine Drexel. She says the owners have gone through a difficult situation and were thankful to be reconnected with their pets. Drinkwine says this was the most emergent situation that the Humane Society has ever been involved in outside of helping distressed or neglected animals. The Humane Society also provided food, water, blankets and other pet supplies for displaced residents.