Dodge County Highway Officials Urge Safe Driving Around Snowplows

(Juneau) With severe winter weather on the horizon, the Dodge County Highway Department is taking the opportunity to encourage motorists to be careful around snowplows. Officials say local snowplow operators are required to work around the clock for several days with a standard work policy of 16 hours on duty and six hours off between shifts. This can make for a challenging work environment which is magnified by slippery roads, low visibility, and subzero temperatures. While natural conditions cannot be changed, the challenges brought on by human nature can be addressed and minimized. Officials encourage motorists to slow down and never pass a snowplow on icy roads, stay back 200 feet, and allow snowplow operators to safely do their job, dim high beam lights and avoid distractions while driving. Highway officials say a typical county snowplow route is 17 miles long or 34 lane miles and takes two hours for a truck to make one pass through the route. 

Class One roads are plowed anytime, day-or-night, receiving 24-hour service. That includes Highway 151, Interstate 41, Highway 33 from Beaver Dam east to the county line; Highway 60 from Highway 67 to Hartford; and Highway 26 from Highway 60 to Watertown. Class Two roads are serviced between 4am and 10pm. That includes all of highways 28, 49, 67, 68 and 175 along with Highway 33 from Highway 73 to Beaver Dam; Highway 73 from Highway 33 to Columbus; Highway 16/60 from Columbus to Highway 67 and Highway 26 from Highway 60 to Waupun. There are also 540 miles of county roads with typical service from 4am to 6pm.