Dodge County Exec Committee Discusses Ending COVID-19 Emergency Declaration

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board’s Executive Committee Monday discussed the possibility of terminating the COVID-19 emergency declaration. In March, the County Board adopted the resolution that streamlines the process to acquire state aid as well as expedites the use of resources to protect the public from the impact and spread of the virus.

The resolution was modified just two months ago to clarify the county board chairman’s emergency powers, reverting to pre-pandemic purchasing requirements. Before the chairman could make pandemic-related purchases without board or committee approval. The declaration also allows supervisors to attend meetings virtually.

Supervisor Jeff Schmitt wants to see the resolution come to an end, noting that the board has (quote) “not skipped a beat.” Supervisor Dan Hilbert wants to keep it in place, saying that there are board members who have health conditions and do not want to attend meetings in person just yet.

A supervisor would have to bring a termination resolution up for discussion at the next executive committee meeting if they want to end the declaration. If it advances, the county board would take it up for a vote.