Dodge County Corrections Officers Say Communication Skills Are Key Aspect Of Job

(Juneau) Correction officers say communications training is a crucial aspect of the job. Corporal Kevin Schulz, who works in the sheriff’s office correctional system, says those who have gone from working inside of the jail to behind the wheel of a squad car have all said that they learned their communication skills by working in corrections. He says an arresting officer will bring a suspect to jail and that is the extent of their communication while a correctional guard cannot pass along the inmate to someone else. Schulz says sometimes when a person is booked they are in a different state of mind, influenced by either alcohol or drugs, and being able to properly communicate with them is important. During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Schulz explained what it is like to book a person on drugs. He says they will be assessed by a medical team, staff will attempt to better understand their background in order to provide mental support and they will be put on observation status for regular checkups by medical personal. Schulz says individuals who speak multiple languages are a great asset to have in corrections and are able to build a more trusting relationship with inmates. Schulz says there are only a couple bi-lingual people staffed in the sheriff’s office. He says the jail does have access to an interpreter line that can assist in communicating with inmates who speak a different language.