Dodge County Clerk Encourages Citizens To Vote Early Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

(Juneau) Due to the spread of COVID-19, the Dodge County Clerk is encouraging residents to vote early for the April 7th election. Karen Gibson says the polls will be open for those who need them on Election Day but most voters should vote absentee for this election. She says absentee voting can be done in person at your local municipal office or an individual can request an absentee through the mail, email or by the site. The deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail is the Thursday before the election (April 2nd). Gibson says people can also use the my-vote site to register to vote early, all they need is a Wisconsin driver license or state ID card with a current address. She says if a person has moved since last voting, they can update their information using the website. Gibson says that the deadline to register online or by mail is tomorrow (March 18th) but notes that people can register in their municipal clerk’s office until the Friday (April 3rd) before the April election or at the polls on Election Day.

Election managers all over Wisconsin are talking about protecting people when they vote next month. Karen Gibson says a lot of election poll workers are retired citizens, in the at-risk population and are cancelling their plans to help on April 7th due to the coronavirus. Gibson is taking contact information from anyone willing to work at the election and passing that information on to local municipalities. People can also contact their local clerk office directly. Contact information can be found on Gibson can be contacted at 920-386-3605 or at [email protected]