Dodge County Board Terminates COVID Emergency Declaration

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board has voted to terminate its COVID Emergency Declaration. The county board adopted the resolution a year ago which, among other things, allows the board chairman to order whatever is necessary to protect the public from the impact and spread of the virus. The declaration also allows supervisors to attend meetings virtually. The resolution to terminate states that even though COVID remains a concern, operations throughout Dodge County – including county government – are returning to pre-pandemic conditions.  

Some board members noted the message terminating the Emergency Declaration would send. Supervisor Joseph Marsik says new COVID variants are being discovered and that the country is still in a pandemic stage. 

Supervisor Kira Sheahan-Malloy says the resolution to terminate only relates to how the county conducts business under a declared state of emergency. She says this is a matter of moving forward, getting their work done – adding that everyone else in the public is doing the same and so should they.  

Terminating the county’s emergency deceleration has no impact on public health guidelines that include mask wearing and social distancing.