Dodge County Board Set To Vote On Emergency Declaration

(Dodge County) The Dodge County Board’s Executive Committee Tuesday gave their support to a resolution aimed at relief efforts stemming from last week’s severe weather. So far, the National Weather Service has declared 17 tornados touched down throughout the region last Tuesday that saw wind speeds in excess of 100-miles-per-hour at some areas. With local municipalities requesting aid from the county, a county-wide state of emergency was declared in order to receive aid from the state. Dodge County Emergency Management Director Amy Nehls says it opens up the option for a Wisconsin disaster fund which helps covers areas that suffer local emergencies. Nehls says each community must reach a threshold if $3.68 of damage per capita based on the 2010 census. She says if the threshold is met affected areas can then receive up to 75-percent reimbursement from the state. Nehls says she does not expect the county to reach that threshold but noted that the declaration was made as a precautionary measure. The disaster declaration is already in effect, but the Dodge County Board must also approve the resolution which will come before supervisors during this month’s board meeting. Nehls says hopefully by then the weather conditions will have subsided.