Dodge County Board District 24 Seat Between Incumbent Dennis Schmidt And Challenger Jeremy Johnson

(Juneau) One of the 12 contested races on the Dodge County Board of Supervisors is a seat that represents the city of Juneau. Incumbent Dennis Schmidt is being challenged by Jeremy Johnson.

Among the questions we asked the candidates on WBEV’s Community Comment was their position on the wearing of masks and mask mandates. Johnson says lockdowns and mandates have been more damaging to society than the virus. He says over time the numbers have shown that covid is not that big of a crisis.

Schmidt says some of the people against masks are the same people who stated in public comments at county board meetings that they believe that (quote) “they are putting trackers” in the vaccine. He says he does not see the big deal in wearing a mask unless you want to go around contaminating people.


Photo courtesy of the Dodge County website