Dodge County Board Commends County Clerk, Municipal Clerks And Poll Workers

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board commended the county clerk, municipal clerks and poll workers during their meeting Tuesday. A resolution adopted by rising vote of acceptance, which is a method involving the board rising to their feet while applauding, highlighted the efforts by everyone involved in this month’s challenging election. The resolution states “in spite of the state and national public health emergencies, the uncertainty with in-person voting, the scarcity of resources such as absentee ballot envelopes, hand sanitizer, other personal protective equipment…the Dodge County clerk and municipal clerks prepared for [a] safe and orderly in-person voting [process].” It goes on to say that the Dodge County Board expresses their appreciation to everyone involved who performed exemplary on behalf of citizens. They add that the board extends their heartiest thanks, heartfelt gratitude and highest regard for Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson and her staff, municipal clerks and poll workers for their performance throughout the spring election.