Dodge County Board Approves Tentative Supervisory District Plan

On the left is the proposed supervisory district plan on the right is the current

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board approved the tentative supervisory district plan Tuesday night. The action allows municipalities to review the boundary changes made by the county’s Redistricting Committee and create ward plans based on the proposed districts. A public hearing on the plan was held prior to the county board’s meeting to give local leaders and clerks the opportunity to provide feedback.  

Town of Lowell Clerk Susan Caine says the boundaries as presented would add a seventh school district in their municipality. She says over the course of ten years this will considerably increase their costs for elections. Town of Lebanon Clerk Debra Behl echoed the same sentiments, noting that they currently have four districts within their municipality with four different ballot styles. She says the proposed plan would increase those styles up to seven. Behl adds that increasing the number of ballot styles increases the chance for error. 

The Redistricting Committee will meet again in early October to go over the comments made during yesterday’s public hearing and redraw the boundaries if needed. A public hearing on the final redistricting plan is scheduled for November 2nd.