Dodge County Board Approves Sheriff, Clerk of Courts Salary Increases

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board approved a wage increase for two elected positions at their meeting Monday night. The sheriff’s salary will jump six-percent in 2019 from $91,000 dollars to $96,000 followed by a 1.5-percent increase each year through 2022. The clerk of court salary will also increase six-percent next year from $69,000 dollars to $73,000. It also includes a 1.5-percent increase each subsequent year through 2022.

Several board members brought up concerns raised by their constituents regarding the wage increases. Supervisor Kira Sheahan-Malloy says theses pay increases are not typical for the area and that citizens advised her that they were frustrated that the raises were even being considered.

Last month, the county board voted to send the resolution back to the Human Resources Committee for re-analysis and a more detailed cost of living report to better determine what residents could afford. At the time, the resolution was calling for a 6.6-percent increase to the Sheriff’s salary and an 8.6-percent jump for the clerk of courts.

Supervisor Joseph Marsik, who sits on the Human Recourses Committee, says their research shows that the two salaries are still below average in comparison to neighboring counties but agreed to lower them as a compromise. He says the sheriff salary came in roughly 6-percent below the medium average and 2.6-percent for the clerk of courts.

Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt excused himself from the discussions but noted that he did not advocate for the increase. A motion was made to decrease the salary increases from six-percent to 1.5-percent in year one but failed by three votes. The original resolution then passed with 19-yes votes to 12-no votes. The pay wages will go into effect on the first Monday of 2019.